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Thought that we only insure businesses? We can insure you for your personal insurance needs as well! Get the extra coverage you need with Umbrella Insurance.


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What kind of insurance do I need?What kind of insurance do I need?

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I'm a very happy Cossio customer and recommend you to others in the amusement industry quite frequently. Thanks!
Mike Cella, MVC Entertainment, Inc.


Larry and Ivy were very patient as the process lingered for 3-4 days while the other party got up to speed. And the other broker got up to speed because of Larry's new course called Event Insurance 101!!!

Thank you, Larry and Ivy!
Diane, Fitzrich Inc


This office could be an International model for excellence in communication, professionalism and cutomer service. My comments are not meant to to be a passing rate but a serious observation with the credintials of serving the public for more than thirty years... It was a breath of fresh air to do business with the Cossio Insurance Agency. Thank you Tammy and everyone else that helped my company Bongo Bounce LLC.
Philip Garrettt, Bongo Bounce LLC

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