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Special Event Insurance from the CIA

Special Events Insurance

Insurance for Special EventsĀ is very important. At Cossio Insurance Agency we have been insuring the special event & entertainment industry for over 30 years. We work with several companies throughout the United States to provide you with the right kind of insurance coverage at an affordable cost.

Our insurance program has been specifically designed for different types of events; both large and small. We have insured events such as weddings, sporting events, lectures, social gatherings, concerts & evenĀ haunted events insurance for Halloween. The program also meets all of the needs of those who specialize in organizing multiple and various events.

Let us help you make your event memorable, and worry free. Go ahead and start filling out an application below. If you have any questions about what coverage you need or need help filling out the application give us a call at (864) 688-0121 and we will be happy to assist you!