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Insurance for Event Planners

Insurance for Event Planners can involve many different aspects, which can make it difficult to find all of the coverage that you need in one place. Here at the Cossio Insurance Agency we are able to provide you with all the coverage's that you need as an event planner. We are able to insure the event producer that organizes the events, the event planner that owns and rents out their own equipment & even the events themselves!

In addition to your event planner insurance we can also provide General Liability, Property, Inland Marine, Commercial Auto, Event Cancellation Insurance, Special Events Insurance, Coverage for Weddings, Professional Liability, EPLI and Workers Compensation. In fact it is a good idea to have most of these coverages in order to make sure that your business is properly covered. If you are unsure about which of these coverages you actually need for your event planning business please give us a call at 864-688-0121 and we can help explain the coverages that you need and why.

Why do I need coverage?

In a short answer: lawyers. If something happens during an event the customer can sue the caterer, tent rental, entertainment, venue & yes the event planner. Having insurance coverage would provide defense coverage for yourself and other additional insured's under your policy such as the venue and tent rentals for activities that are covered during your policy. Certain coverage limits are also often required by event venues.

The CIA is licensed in all 50 states so no matter where you are in the United States we can provide you with the insurance coverage that you need to run your business. We have been insuring the entertainment industry for over 30 years now and we work with several carriers nationwide. If you have any questions or need help with your application give us a call at 864-688-0121.

What to do in the case of an incident

So what should you do if an incident occurs?

Complete an incident report immediately
• Acquire names, addresses, phone numbers of all parties and witnesses
• Have employee write complete description of incident
• Take Pictures
• Make sure you report immediately to your insurance agent
• Get confirmation that it was received by your agent.

Other coverages you may need

On top of your regular insurance for event planners policy there are some additional policies that you may need to make sure that your business is fully covered.

This coverage is a requirement in most states if you have employees. It provides coverage for bodily injury, medical bills, loss of income, death for all employees, full time or part time. This coverage does not provide coverage for sub-contractors.

Download the Workers Compensation Application

Professional Liability Coverage

This coverage will provide defense against negligence claims made by a client. This is also known as Errors & Omissions insurance. If you as an event planner fail to use the degree of skill expected of you by the event planner you can be held responsible in a court of law for any "harm" caused to another person.

Download the Professional Liability Application

Special Events Coverage

Special Events insurance will provide coverage for the event itself. Learn more about this type of insurance

Download the Special Event Application

Events Cancellation Coverage

As the name implies Event Cancellation insurance protects your event in the case of an unexpected cancellation.
Learn more about this type of insurance

Download the Event Cancellation Application

Commercial Auto Coverage

Your personal auto policy has an exclusion for business use so you will have no coverage under your current auto insurance policy. A commercial auto policy will cover you for both business use and personal use. If you use a trailer to carry your rentals to the location add this unto your policy.

Download the Commercial Auto Application

Cyber Liability Coverage

Cyber Liability coverage is ecspecially important if you process credit cards or obtain personal information from customers.

Download Cyber Liability Application

Active Shooter Coverage

Standard liability insurance policies have grey areas that may limit protection in the event of an active shooter or work place violence.

Download Active Shooter Application