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Looking for insurance for your RV, motorhome or travel trailer? The CIA provides RV insurance at a great price and value. Whether stationary or on the go we have an insurance policy that will fit your needs. Special coverage is needed for Recreational Vehicles because of their size, mobility & the way they are used. Damage to the RV can easily happen due to misjudged over hang heights or misjudging the width of the vehicle. Because of the heavy load an RV is carrying tire failure is often a common cause of damage to the RV. Always be sure that your tires are at the proper tire pressure. Damage to the RV can also happen if awning, steps or antennas are accidentally left open while the vehicle is moving. Our staff can explain your coverage's and answer any questions that you might have. Give Carol Stickles a call today at 951-677-3030 to get an estimate on your Motorhome Insurance or fill out the application below to get started on a quote.


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