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Airsoft Insurance FAQ's

FAQ's about Airsoft Insurance

What are the FPS limits?
400 fps for outdoor play, 350 fps for indoor play

What are the safety equipment requirements?
Full face, mouth, and ear protection.  This can be achieved using a Paintball mask or sealed eye protection combined with a shemagh scarf as long as all of the soft tissue is covered. Barrel covers when the players are not in the playing area.

I only require minors to wear full face protection, adults are only required to wear sealed goggles--- is that ok?
NO!  The bulk of Airsoft injuries comes from the adults who are not wearing full face protection!  Chipped teeth, BB’s in the lip, throat, and ear canal are only a few of the injuries that can be avoided with proper face protection.

We have the players take their mags out and clear the chamber after they play, why do they have to have barrel covers?
An extra layer of protection never hurts! 
There is no way to check for cleared mags using a simple “eye test”