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Resources for Haunted Attractions Share

While at the TransWorld Haunted Attractions Tradeshow 2015 in St. Louis, we met a lot of great vendors and saw so much great stuff! We just wanted to share some of the resources we thought might be helpful when planning your haunted house or attractions.

Note: The links below are for informative purposes and are not necessarily endorsed by Cossio Insurance Agency. If you see any we should add to the list please let us know!

Special Effects / Makeup

  • Global Special Effects
  • Licensed 2 Scare
  • Creature Corps
  • Theatrical Cosmetics
  • Wolfe Face & Art FX
  • Creaking Hinges
  • Kosart Atelier offers classes in Special Effects Makeup.

  • Kosart Atelier

  • Props & Costumes

  • Spooky Hoot
  • Beyond the Grave
  • Spooky Props
  • Zagone Studios
  • Gore Galore
  • Dark Design Studios
  • Characters Unlimited Inc.
  • Unit 70

  • Haunted House Construction

  • Boneyard Productions

  • Haunted Paintball & Laser Tag Supplies

  • Legacy 3D FX
  • Laser Tag Pro
  • Undead Innovations
  • Outlaw Haunt Productions

  • Party Coffins

  • Legacy 3D FX

  • Legacy 3D FX

  • Apocalypse Zombie Experience

  • Apocalypse Zombie Experience

  • Freekanomics

  • Freekanomics